1. Who can submit their applications to the KK Regional Office?

A) KK Regional Office caters to the candidates belonging to Karnataka, Kerala and Lakshwadeep. Applicants from across the country are free to submit their applications in KK Regional office, if they want to appear from any of the centres under the Region. Applications submitted at the KK Regional Office for appearing for examinations from Centres under other Regional offices will be summarily rejected.

2. Should one submit different applications for the different posts advertised in the same advertisement?

A) No. One candidate should submit only one application, irrespective of the types of posts advertised in a single advertisement, except in cases where it is specifically mentioned in the Notice. Submission of multiple applications will result in rejection of all the applications summarily.

3. What is crucial date?

A) Ordinarily the Crucial Date is the last date for receipt of applications.

4. Who all are exempted from payment of Fees?

A) Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, PH candidates and all Female candidates are exempted from payment of examination fees. Ex-Servicemen who have not availed the benefit for securing a job after discharge from the defence forces are also exempted from payment of examination fees.

5. Whom to contact if Admission Certificate/Call Letter is not received for Examination/Interview?

A) The Commission does not dispatch Admission Certificates/Call letters by post. Candidates are requested to download the admission certificates from the website of the concerned regional office of the Commission. The Commission informs the candidates by Email/SMS about the uploading of admission certificates in the website of its regional offices. In case the candidate has difficulty in downloading the admission certificate, they can contact the Regional Office either telephonically, in person or through e-mail.

6. Should the original documents be sent alongwith the application or when documentary proof is called for by the Commission?

A) The Commission never asks for the Original documents to be sent by post. Candidates should send only attested copies of the documents. Whenever asked for, the candidate should present himself/herself alongwith the original documents for verification.

7. Should a copy of the application retained for reference?

A) Yes. The applicant should retain a photocopy of the application. It is also advised to keep about six identical copies of the photograph used in the application, for future use.

8. Has the Commission authorized any agent for assistance, submission of applications, etc?

A) The Commission has not authorized any person or agency to deal with any matters relating to the activities of the Commission. Candidates are requested to be aware of touts and tricksters. For any query, the Regional Office of the Commission should be contacted.

09. What are Selection Posts?

A) Selection posts are those posts which are (a) isolated and small in number (b)qualifications for which vary from Department to Department depending on the job requirements and (c) not covered by any of the open examinations.



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